Yuka Hanasaki is a character created by Ushnika Roy .


Eye colour - blue

Hair colour - golden and silver


Mother - Asuza Hanasaki

Father - Kotosuke Hanasaki

Sister - Yumika Hanasaki

Personality - mysterious, polite

Power - Eyepower - 10 Eyepower


Yuka is a mysterious girl with 10 Eyepowers and she is also the leader of the Light Music Club. It is also noticable that she has golden hair from the top and silver hair from the bottom which is extremely rare for any person to have.              

1. Energy sight

2.Evil eye

3.eyes of stone

4.killing eyes

5.Light warp

6. Vision Manipulation

7.Cyber Mind

8.Superpower Manipulation

9.technique Reading

10. Space reading


Yuka has long hip-length golden and silver hair. She wears the default school uniform with a star hairpin to represent her as the Light Music Club Leader. She has blue eyes.


She is polite, even though, sometimes, mysterious. She hides most of the facts from her friends.