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  • I live in The Pokemon Universe ;3
  • My occupation is Pokemon Addict ;3
  • I am A Pokemon ;3
  • Kitten Senpai

    New Rules Passed

    April 28, 2017 by Kitten Senpai

    New Rules Passed! 

    You must have been on the wiki for 2 weeks. 

    Must Have atleast 3 Edits On This wiki.

    Must have a valid permission from the moderators.  Lady Nozomi, Winxfairy100 and Kitten Senpai can vote without qualifications. 

    Due To Express Vandalism and without permission edits, Pages which are default have been protected. 

    To Become an admin/moderator, you must get the wiki to vote you!

    1. Must be on the wiki for 3 weeks.
    2. Must be active twice a week
    3. Must contribute to the wiki twice a week
    4. Must Have A+ Grammar, spellings and good Punctuation 

    To make a vote pass, the following are necesarry!

    1. Must have 2 to 100 supports on a suggestion.
    2. Suggestion must be a blog post!
    3. If a suggestion has mostly opposes, the suggestion fails. 
    4. If you are opposing to …

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  • Kitten Senpai


    April 4, 2017 by Kitten Senpai

    Now we have official pages for the main characters! 

    Omai Mitsuki

    Saki Sakiguchi

    Yuka Hanasaki

    Now we have official user pages for our "creators" and helpers!  -  Shinjini  - Ushnika - Srishti

    Read more >

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