Please Make Sure You Qualify To Vote

So, I just Looked at the poorly developed conditon on this wiki. I suggest a simple thing would make it popular.

Why Not Make a page for OC submission? Like, People submit their OCs and the admins check the OCs, choose the good ones and add them to the fanon. Not to be rude, but I think This would be a bit organized. I am not begging for supports, and even If Kitten Senpai closed this thread, I wouldn't mind, because I'm suggesting this for good of the wiki. A simple page for OC submission would be cool, or maybe just message the admins. I'm sure nobody will read all this of my suggestion, but If you DO read this, Please, your vote should make sense (for eg. You don't even understand the idea of the suggestion and you see others supporting, so you support too. No, I don't want you voting without understanding the thread). And, as the general voting rules say, you must provide a proper reason for opposing. 

Thats all I wanted to say. Please pay attention to my words carefully, THEN try to vote.

Please Make Sure You Qualify To Vote


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