Shi Ren is a character created by Shinjini Bagchi. She first appeared in episode 19.

Additional Info

Shi Ren is a Korean Musician from the famous Korean band "Mystic". She came to Japan to practice her music and ends up being "friends" who she calls "stupid" with her fellow classmates.


Shi has messy bangs. Her hair length exceeds her hips and is similar to Yuka Hanasaki's length. She has a short ponytail on the side of her hair. Her theme color is pink, as well as her hair, which mixes good with the school uniform.


Shi is hot-headed and angry type-of girl. If she wants something, she gets it.


  • Her first name "Shi" means "Death".
  • Her name matches to "Rena Shi" from Flower Petals