Saki Sakiguchi is a character created by Srishti Sinha.


Name- Saki Sakiguchi

Club - drama club

Mother- Mayumi Sakiguchi

Father - Noritake Sakiguchi

Birthday- 12 September

Personality- polite, kind, helpful


Saki has long hair that reach her hips. Her hair color is chocolate brown. She has yellow eyes, She wears the default School uniform with a rose on her head to represent her as the leader of the Drama Club. Her rose accessory can be similar to Misami Ryu 's.


Saki is Polite to most of the people. She can be overprotective to her club members. She is helpful and kind to everyone. She shows ''joy'' near her friends and Kindness near everyone.


  • Her first name "Saki" means Daughter Of The Blossom Of Spring.