Omai Mitsuki is one of the main characters. She was made by Shinjini Bagchi as the Martial Arts Club Leader.


Omai has straight parted front bangs. She has a messy horsetail. Her theme color is Dark Blue (Also Known As Deep Hearted Blue In The series). Her eyes are light blue. She has a slight brown scar on her face, which shows that she's been in a harsh fight before. She wears the default school Uniform for third year students and a headband as a club accessory.


Omai is hot-headed and can get angry easily. If she is challenged in a physical fight, she will always win. She has a bossy personality.


Arina Mitsuki - Mother

Sora Mitsuki - Father

Osomai Mitsuki - Younger Sister (Omai treats her more like a enemy)

Yuka Hanasaki - She is her "frenemy".

Akiya Sitomi - Friend

Haruya Hina - She treats Haruya like her "idol" and compliments her most of the time. She is always her side.


  • She was supposed to be the leader of The gaming Club
  • Her first name, Omai, means "Just A Strong" and Mitsuki means "Beautiful Moon"
  • She is personally Friends with Yuka Hanasaki.